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Wednesday, December 2, 2009
10:46 PM


Well i did say i will update on my current korean favs ..
but before that wanna introduce a book i am currently reading

quite interesting.. just started reading it yesterday.. ying ting recommended it 2 me
other then random vulgarities thrown around this book is quite good
gonna continue reading after i'm done with this post hehes!

now for my korean favs..
in no particular order

first is tae yangs wedding dress....
super nice song his vocals are very nice too (:

next is big bang's koe wo kikasete beautiful song awesome vocals and soft melody
plus its japanese.. (ok not really korean fav but its from a korean artist hehe)

next song.. (was thinking hard what to put )
has to be t-ara's TTL one korean song that i heard and instantly fell in love with
sadly this girl grp is not really known in SG woah laos!
but its all good!

another song i really liked is by a very famous girl group called ( no not wonder girls) but SNSD aka
girls generation
its their first single ( debut song ) and i think its the nicest song they ever did hehe

nice right weee
i also like Cl and minji's please dont go..
but its not a crazy fav yet hehes
its a live perf cause they dont have a mv for the song

i just wanna introduce something extra
even thoug i'm not really a fan of this song..
but the performance of this song is like awesome !

like dont u agree awesome performance wee~

now for an extra video weee...
sandara and minho's CF i wish they would just get attached super hawt lar both of them (:

even though mino is younger.. but i mean they look good together!!!

thats all for my korean favs..
by the way i recommend all to watch INUYASHA (hehes)
and this SUPER HILARIOUS anime called FAIRY TAIL!
i really keep on laughing when i watch it hehes enjoy ppl .. cant wait for service (:

Friday, November 13, 2009
<3 3:17 AM

i get to do anything i want MUAHAHAHAHAHA
wow i'm really very hyper now.. i would love to give updates on my life..
but typing is a real boring thing u knows!
anyway just to post up some stuff i wanna do in this holidays!
1) attend CG and church faithfully!! hopefully get BS too (: (: (:
2)DANCE CLASS (trying to get info now actually)
3)watch INUYASHA and other exciting show and anime ( that momo love thingy too)
4)get a job~
5) cover "i dont care" with JY
6) learn the TTL dance ( and the other dances too)
7)LOSE FATS(go swimming and exercise with ppl)
8)go out with CG and sch frens more
9)update my bloggie regularly!
10)enjoy my holidays to the max before results are out!!

HAHAS i think my next post i will put up my current korean FAVS...

enjoy this holiday ppl!
we have worked hard and we deserve this break..
most of all dun think too much abt the results
nothing can be done now so chillzzz



Saturday, September 19, 2009
9:19 PM

i went to this website called allkpop.com
where all kpop gossip and stuff are found..
there was this post on goo hye sun (geum jan di)
the post featured her pictures of her without any make-up..
and WOW she is super pretty larhs!
she's kwon as the girl who can do anything...
cause she can sing draw compose direct and act
WOW right..
she's like one of my idols now !!
just show u a song..the singer is not her its gummy( a yg artiste with an amazing voice)..
she composed the song. and the background pics are her artworks..
listen watch and enjoy (:

nice right...
i've been addicted to alot of kpop stuff man..
i havent got any info on jpop recently abit sad...
aiya nvm
i onli came to post abt this song nothing else (:


Monday, August 17, 2009
7:16 PM

woots i'm finally back to blog!!
i very laxy to update la!
got alot of things happen...
but i forgot alotXD\

on sunday...
my cousin from switzerland came to my place
firstly i was quite ok with him...
then later... i dun like him!!!
he like too familiar with me,...
i dun like the feeling man...
he like keep on disturbing me the way my brothers do by insulting me
and i dun like it!!!
so i smsed JY who onli replied me the next day....tsk tsk tsk

yesterday was a fulfilling day
after chem spa i went over to WAN YI's house lol!
studied there..
i am super scared of her grandma...
i dun noe why!
then she showed me something and i was super touched (:
love u wan wan wan wan wan hahahahahaha

later i went to meet JY sotong
went to library to study ( but sadly i prevented jy from studying haha)
we sat in a place that was in full view of a romancing couple(in a library)
very very the sick lor!
then we talked abt some things..
i was very encouraged
and because of her i want to go out with _______ more!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD
_______ is so cool XD
know already?
after that she told me her awesome interesting hypothesis
and sadly my mum already come by then...

i went to my cousin house after that and play with their doggy!
super cute and hyper la!
onli want to lick ppl!
then my cousin brother came home..
i dun really talk to him often..
but surprisingly he talk to my mum and me very nicely..
he told us the the doggy's name was not pinky its paris!
paris' grandma's name is also paris
grandpa's name is gucci
mothers name is zara!
lol paris is a very branded dog huh!
he also said that paris is a show dog!
cool right..
paris is super majestic!
the cousin bro play with the dog until very cute
later brought paris for a run with my brother who came soon after..
and met a old uncle who is also a fan of dogs
paris is like SUPER QUIET!!!
even kiki the parrot in my cousins house is noisier then paris
but sadly went we left..
my cousin sis call me and say the paris was crying...
it makes me feel guilty.. poor paris..
i dun want go their house anymore lest paris crys more.....
interesting day

well past few weeks have been tiring and stressful because of prelims i have to go study soon also
i cried a few times to sleep as i thought abt something...
i feel sad that i put alot of effort into something and somehow that something surpassed me
so yar it made me feel very sad...
and i cried and keep on praying to God ..
God sometimes doesnt give u the answer himself.. butgives the hints through others..
so the other person comforted me.. and i understood why..
even though its hard.. and i realised i'm drifting further away and it seems like noone cares
there's always someone who cares
thanks Daddy God...
He is holding my hand... and im holding tightly too... i dun ever want to let go

now i want to show some videos
one is by big bang just heard it while typing this post..
its called Emotion

its really nice and VI's voice is super nice here (:

i'm also loving 2PM!
very talented band... they keep on doing alot of stunts very muscular and most of them are quite cute! LOL

its funny lars HAHAHAHA

i miss hitler lots!
and i dun really like silver anymore!
i like carpet who is so less flirt! haha (:
smile ppl


Monday, July 20, 2009
1:16 AM

finally i'm back on the computer!!!
i feel weird...
its like i'm doing something wrong... like its a sin to use the computer now lol!

its awkward as soon as i stop my computer fast...
alot of problems arise...
at first i wanted to express my emotions on the blog..
in a bad way larh
but i thank God for the walk home...
as i realised..
venting my anger and frustration would be useless...
i would be a weak childish person if i did that...
Thanks daddy

today i learnt something abt eyesore....
hmmmm ... suddenly i got admiration for him..(yar i knoe i'm being stupid XD)
i am super sad that hitler got alot of suitors!!!!!!!!!!!
argh... T_T
and i wanted to message (fb) him today.. siannnnn
but i thinkn i am still going to LOL!!!

and i feel terribly bad...
i dun noe how to apologise.. haix
what am i going to do!!!!

ok apart from all that... i want to introduce to you a very random song!


Sunday, July 12, 2009
4:12 AM

what a revelation for me today wow....
i must step out and do my best..
i must not just stand at the window and look at others
and be sad that i also cant do great things..
i must not be fearful that i will criticised
cause i am willing for Him (:

haha tomm is the beginning of my COMPUTER FAST (1week)..
so if anyone sees me online on msn or on facebook..
please talk to me and scold me!
haha i give u all right to do that
i must jiayou...!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
2:43 AM

been sometime since i blogged.. ok not very long but some time
i realised that i can onli concentrate during school days lor..
other than that i cants eem to do my work..

yesterday had my tamil o'lvl oral....
hmmmm was ok bah.. but the examiners keep on finishing my sentences!!
i dun like!!!
wait give me lesser marks....
but they are very nice
hope for the best lor!

haha recently i feel very grieved lors...
got 3 burdens or saddness whatever u call it siannnnz
and i want to share with bestie..
but sch is taking up our time...
hehe but even with the problems i can still be me!!!

i am planning to go on a week computer fast next week....
i just feel that i'm addicted to com..
and its disrupting alot of things..
one being my studies
this is good training and probably will continue with it even after next week
gambatte kudasai! "(kawaii voice)
lol lol lol sorry random liao!

must wear formal for this week the service
cant wait to hear what Dr. A.R. Bernard was got for our church this time

sunthari is excited and extremely sad abt CG multiplication
sunthari cannot go to CG from next month onwards T_T(nid to study for o's... mom say one)
which sunthari might not be able to attend CG multiplication! OMG!!!